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This world is heavy

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

It has been a heavy couple of weeks.

A friend of a friend laid her two year old daughter for a nap and came back to find her daughter had left this world to forever live in the arms of our savior.

A friend of a friend lost their seventh grader to suicide…seventh grade.

This week I watched a wife pack up her children and leave a crumbling marriage.

Last week our state—just mere miles from my own home—suffered unimaginable loss. Tornadoes ripped through the mid-state killing families, children, and parents.

It is heavy here friends, not just here but everywhere.

This world his heavy.

This weekend my husband and I took the girls for ice cream and watched them play at the fountains.

We allowed the laundry to go undone and the dishes to pile so we could spend more time together as a family.

We slept in, went out to eat just because, took a nature walk, colored and played, kissed and cuddled.

Tonight as I cooked three separate meals, something for each picky eater, I smiled and also sobbed.

Normally I would be annoyed wondering, “Why can’t my kids just eat what we do.” But today I remembered

I GET to cook three different meals to please all my family because I HAVE my family.

We are together today so I will smile and make chicken, and burgers, and Mac cheese for the littlest and smile while I watch them all eat what I prepared in love.

Tomorrow may not come so I want to make sure today I smile and love.

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