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I’m praying for your child will you pray for mine too?

I sent my daughter to school today. Today was harder than her first day four years ago when I dropped her off at Pre-k3.

I found myself driving away with the exact same worries.

Will she be scared?

Will she ask to come home?

Will she feel safe?

Will she have fun?

Should I have even dropped her off?

Maybe I should have kept her home longer?

Same questions, but today those questions come from a very different fear.

I’m honestly fearful of what’s to come.

I’m doubting our decision to send her, I’m trying to trust in the Lord, but I understand in scripture our God makes clear...

We will suffer, we WILL walk through pain, we will face challenges that break our hearts and test our endurance. We will face darkness of all sorts.

I don’t want that. I want easy, I want worry free, I was safe, I want security. I want health and happiness.

Today I carry fear because this isn’t easy, I have worry, I don’t know we’ll be safe, I don’t know we’ll be healthy. I don’t know what’s to come.

No one wants pain. The Bible says to count it all joy, but today I’m finding it hard to be joyful.

I believe in God’s plan, I believe eternity with Him is far more precious than any hardship on this earth, but I’m still afraid, I’m still praying for safety and protection for our children and the families they come home to.

I’m praying for your child will you pray for mine too?

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