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This is not our final season

Can I just be super real with you all?

This life you have…it is going to suck.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, how much money you have, how attractive you are, how big your house is, how educated you are, how well you know the bible, how nice your life looks on or off social media…regardless of any beliefs or circumstances you have—at some season—this life will in fact, suck.

I am sure there are a hundred other educated words I could use—as MBA degree’d person—but honestly, “this life will suck” really drives the point across.

We will have seasons, some of those seasons will be full of sunshine, endless blooms of flowers, birds singing, perfect cool breezes, and the clearest skies you can fathom and those seasons may last for years or come in spurts throughout your life. Life will be beautiful, everything will appear to line up in your favor and you will feel blessed beyond measure.

Just as those seasons will come, every single one of us will have seasons of darkness, storms, torrential downpours, and tornadoes that seem like they will throw us to the ends of the earth before we come out of their funnels.

And the hard truth, the truth that causes people to lose hope, to lose their faith, is when you realize the end of the storm for you isn’t coming until this life ends—when you are called home.

Because one thing I am certain of…

this is not our home.

One thing I am absolutely sure of…

there is a place where we will sit at the feet of Jesus and we will live out eternity in the sunshine, in a place that will never have seasons of sorrow.

But here, in this place and in this life…

we will all have seasons of life that are SO DANG HARD, so hard that we feel like giving up.

We will feel like giving up on our marriages.

We will feel like giving up on our failing businesses.

We will feel like giving up on our faith.

We will feel like giving up on our dreams.

We may even feel like giving up on our life.

We will wonder why me.

We will wonder why it has to hurt so badly.

We will wonder if one more straw is loaded will it finally break our back.

We may be stuck in a season of darkness that feels like forever, we may feel like we will never come out of it, but you will.


If you place your faith in Jesus—if you have confidence that the word of God is unshakable truth—you will see the sunshine for all of eternity.

You will face darkness here but it will not last forever if you place your confidence in Jesus.

You will always have seasons of dark and seasons of light but rest assure that this is not our ending, this is not our home. This is not our final season.

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