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Remembering to carry my faith beyond Sunday

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The last couple days I have seen so many posts on quarantine accomplishments.

Playrooms painted and organized.

Closets cleaned.

Homes deep cleaned.

Landscaping done.

Home improvements GALORE!

None of those posts were from me.

This quarantine hasn’t been a free vacation for us.

It’s been really dang hard!

My daughters’ schools are closed.

We have a first grader and a toddler.

My husband and I are both very lucky to be able to work from home last week.

But is wasn’t easy. Trying to work our full time jobs while keeping a toddler satisfied and a six year old entertained felt nearly impossible.

Making snacks and lunches and trying to keep dishes running through the wash, having a toddler constantly begging for attention, and a six year saying she was bored one thousand times while doing my day job in between was difficult to say the least.

My husband had to take conference calls with screaming kids in the background.

It was a mess.

There was yelling and crying by all of us and everything seemed to implode daily.

And it’s not over. This week we have to add in home school for our first grader so she can actually complete the first grade…and I’m expected back in the office.

My clean laundry from last weekend is still in baskets, yet to be put away.

I don’t know how we are going to do it all.

I’m grateful. So grateful that we are able to work and still collect our salaries.

I realize what a blessing that is.

It doesn’t mean this isn’t so hard.

How am I going to work away all day and home school my child? How am is my husband going to work from home and manage a toddler?

I don’t know, it feels like so much and the scary thing is there is no end date set that we can look forward to.

In these times I can easily become overwhelmed and anxious. In these times when I have one thousand plates spinning I feel like any moment they are all going to crash down around me and I’ll brake apart right along with those plates.

I have to keep my focus on Jesus.

I have to remember when times feel dark I have to remember I have His light.

In these times I have to remember to carry my faith beyond Sunday and walk in it everyday.

If I do this, if I keep my focus on His light, His kingdom, and His faithfulness then when those plates fall it won’t matter, because of Jesus I won’t break along with them.

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