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Let love overcome fear

I remember when I was a little girl a neighbor’s house burned. My dad, seemingly without fear, ran into their home engulfed with flames to search for our neighbors.

After what seemed like hours, but was mere minutes, my dad ran out with the family cat and dog, thankfully no one was home.

My dad placed the animals on the ground and tried to catch his breath, the dog sat, he looked around terrified but stayed still. The cat took one look at the strangers in the street and ran right back through the front door into the flames. My dad went running after it, back into the inferno to save a cat. For years after that I thought my dad was fearless, and he did seem so, he never shied away from helping someone even if it meant danger for him. Now as an adult I have realized it’s not that my dad didn’t have fear, it’s that he cared about something more than he cared about his fear.

When he rescued a cat, it wasn’t because he liked cats. He didn’t like cats, but he knew that cat meant the world to the family that was already losing everything else so he ran in. He let love overcome fear.

Let love overcome fear...

This is not something I do. I let fear overcome all. I let fear and anxiety hold more weight in my heart than I do my love for God. I fixate on the fear and I allow it to take over my heart. I let my mind wonder and I allow my fear to take my mind captive. I forget to allow God’s word to take the fear captive. I forget the scriptures that I’ve hidden in my heart. I fall into fear so deeply that I forget that God’s love can and will overcome my fear.

Today the fear of allowing my children to go back to school overcame me and I was brought to tears. The enemy knows he can use fear to decrease our hope and he uses it to pull us away from the perfect love God has for us. I fail continuously by not letting love overcome fear.

1 John 4:18 says, “Perfect love casts out all fear.”

How can God’s love fight fear? God’s love is pure, it is perfect and without conditions. The closer we draw to His love the more we will feel His presence. The key is we have to abide in His love. We have to take captive our fear and imprison our fear with His love. We have to let love overcome fear. Because if we don’t, if I don’t, we end up letting our fear overcome us. And with that the enemy wins.

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1 Comment

Keli Woods
Keli Woods
Jul 04, 2022

I initially clicked through to this site, specifically wondering why someone would name a site faithfully failing, and then I realized, you’re doing exactly what Paul does with the Corinthians message- boasting in your weaknesses, so as Christ is all the more glorified. I love this article, but more than that, I’m encour that you have this blog and are doing something successful with it, because I’ve often seen myself a lot as failing at a lot of stuff in life, and I do let fear take over in that, but I think also, I forget that Christ did more than enough to succeed for me.

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