• Faithfully Failing Him

There is a difference between guilt and repentance.

I have a past of memories and guilt…from a life before I gave my life to Jesus.

I thought for years that my feelings of guilt were repentance of the Holy Spirit…God’s word tells me I am wrong.

Guilt is from the enemy.

Guilt is a way to hold you back from the joy and freedom of forgiveness.

Guilt is a way to keep you in a place of doubt and separation from God.

God reminds me to let it go. My past is just that…in the past.

There is a difference between guilt and repentance. Guilt holds you back, repentance sets you free.

Repentance is the Holy Spirit—living in you—bringing to light the sins of your heart and giving you an opportunity to be cleansed and set free.

If you follow Jesus, you don’t have to worry about the judgment; your guilt is a thing of the past.

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