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I will trade my heart for yours

“I will trade my heart for yours, I don’t want mine anymore…”

My husband and I decided to do the cute Pinterest Valentine craft for our daughters this year, you have likely seen the one I am referring to.

You cut out pink paper hearts and load them up with affirmations of your children’s character. I have always thought this was such a cute idea. I wanted to wait to do this until my oldest could read and actually read all the positive affirmations we carefully crafted for her.

I bought pink paper, pulled out a Sharpie, scissors, and we began discussing all the wonderful qualities we should write down of our little girls.

Kind. Generous. Empathetic. Adventurous. Brave.

I smiled at the words describing my daughters.

As we began cutting and sorting the enemy found his way into this beautiful moment of crafting a celebration for my daughters.

Thoughts began to drift towards myself.

What would be written on the hearts taped to my door?

The enemy started to fill my mind with all my failures instead of my goodness. My mind began picturing those hearts taped to my wall with my sin and shame written for all to see.

I began to feel trampled by horrible words that described my weaknesses.

The Holy Spirit intervened and my mind began to play the chorus from a song we sang in church a few weeks ago,

“I will trade my heart for yours, I don’t want mine anymore.”

I was reminded that those words the enemy is trying to etch in my heart have been traded.

Traded for

Grace. Love. Forgiveness.

Christ has washed away every word the enemy can use to describe me,

He has washed away any hurtful word to describe you, and anyone who believes in His saving grace.

Heaven was traded for our sin.

We have been given new heart, new words, and


That song repeated in my head as we finished up our craft.

As I put those craft supplies away I thanked Jesus for trading my heart for His. I thanked Him for washing away those words.

Originally published to Facebook Feb 12, 2020

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