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None of them have changed His mind

I remember vividly a few years ago I was fussing at my husband for forgetting to do something I had repeatedly asked him to do.

When he sincerely apologized I kept on berating and shaming him for his mistake—instead of accepting the apology and moving on.

All these years later I do not remember the task I requested, but I do remember my husband’s face and words.

His eyes looked as if I had completely broken him down. He wearily said to me, “Please give me a little grace.”

Gulp…a knot in my stomach.

My husband made a mistake, not on purpose, not intentionally to hurt me, he just forgot. He quickly offered an apology when I pointed out he had not done the task, but I continued to use my harsh words to attempt to make him feel the weight of his mistake instead of offering forgiveness.

How often do we continue to reprimand others after we are offered apologies, regret, and reconciliation? How often do we continue to shame the ones we love in an effort to make them feel the weight of their mistake?

What if God did that to us?

What if we were to bring our mistakes to the foot of the cross and instead of immediate forgiveness God berated us? What if after our request for forgiveness He continued to tell us how disappointed He was in us? What if God wanted US to feel the weight of the pain at the cross that Christ felt FOR us?

What if instead of forgiveness of our sin God pointed a finger in our face in an effort to shame us for continuing to screw up over and over instead of welcoming us with grace?

Think on that, let is simmer in your heart, let it be the forefront of your actions when someone asks for your forgiveness for their mistakes.

We have to immerse ourselves in the grace offered at the cross. Christ took on our punishment, Jesus personally accepted the berating meant for us. He took on the utter shame of hanging on a cross, accused and broken while He was innocent and pure. He took the weight of our mistakes so we could walk in grace if we just come to the foot of the cross.

Christ bought us the forgiveness we need to be with God.


Think about that, surround yourselves in that, and the next time someone makes a mistake and asks for your grace, remember the grace you have been given.

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