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It’s ok to not be ok, but it’s not ok to stay there.

Originally published to Faithfully Failing Facebook January 25th, 2019


Today I am not OK. Today I feel blah. I woke up, put on my maternity jeans (a full year postpartum) and they were a little snug. I was already depressed enough that the only jeans that fit are my maternity jeans, now add I have actually gained more weight…

It’s really no surprise, I eat Chick-fil-A at least three times a week and I am certainly not ordering their salad options. I mean how do you pass up the deep fried golden goodness of their waffle fries? I am certainly drowning those nuggets in as much Chick-fil-A sauce as they will allow a patron to have at one meal, so honestly it’s more surprising I can still get my maternity jeans on at all.

I had a hard night followed by a hard morning. My oldest child had a meltdown this morning and my youngest is sick (again). I was late for work, didn’t wash my hair, and got caught in traffic twice. My day has continued to roll rapidly downhill from there.

Despite what you see on social media no one has a perfect day everyday. Everyone has bad days, regardless if you stay home, no matter if you work, own your own business, proclaim to love your job, single, married, kids, no kids…EVERY ONE HAS A BAD DAY SOMETIMES.

It’s OK to NOT BE OK. But it is NOT OK TO STAY THERE. That phrase came from my pastor a few weeks ago and I have replayed it like my favorite song on repeat.

It is NOT OK to stay in the darkness, it is NOT OK to sink further into the mud. You have to get out of the nastiness and pull yourself up into the sunshine.

Whatever that looks like for you… If you run – then hit those trails and RUN! If you dig into Scripture – then lady get that bible out! If you need medication – then ensure to take that pill! Whatever you have to do, do it. Call a friend, have a good cry, listen to your favorite song on repeat. Find a way to take the first step off the “I’m not OK” hamster wheel. For me I am going to say a prayer, go to Starbucks and try to find some joy in this murky place I find myself.

Also to bring myself some happiness I am going to have Funny Friday here at Faithfully Failing. Every hour for the next few hours I am going to post some sunshine for you and maybe a belly laugh or two. I hope you stick around and have a smile and a chuckle with me!

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