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It’s all hard

Being a working mom is hard.

Actually just being a parent is hard.

I have stayed home, worked part time, and full time and it’s all hard in different ways.

Staying home you feel you never get a break to regroup your thoughts, your emotions, or just general hygiene.

You get touched out and stretched thin and the physical exertion to play, chase, and carry kids on your hip up and down stairs and all over the house is often a burden to your body. You miss adult interaction and conversations that don’t include the words;

timeout, no no, and potty.

Your wardrobe has two staples, stained tees, and stretchy pants and sometimes you miss the need to get dressed for the day. Staying home is hard in its own way.

But staying home you have the blessing of being there when the kids are sick.

When they hit all their milestones you are there.

You are the one teaching and instructing, and filling their hearts and minds all day.

Your mind is never split with the guilt of a working mother, the guilt that most have even when they choose to work.

Staying home is amazing in its own way.

Working is hard.

I work full time and it’s so hard.

When my kids are sick I feel I am split between two places. My heart that wants to be with my children every moment to ensure their wellbeing and then my head is at work running through schedules, and unreturned emails, and constantly backlogging all the things that I know are snowballing just awaiting my return.

I choose to work, but I have guilt for sending them to after-school care and guilt for feeling frustrated when I miss work because they are sick.

Working is hard in its own way.

But working affords private school and contributes to excellent care for my special needs little one.

I am building retirement and savings and getting adult interaction daily. I actually love what I do and enjoy going to the office.

I get lunch hours when I can get manicures, run errands without kids in tow, or have a quick lunch date with my husband without hiring a sitter. I feel good getting dressed in stain free clothes and hair and makeup.

Working is amazing in its own way.

Regardless of whether you work or stay home you are going to experience hardships but either way you’re also getting to experience amazing things.

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