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Heavenly Days

Some days I sit back and think, this is the best life, this is how I imagined motherhood, THIS is the beauty of life. On those heavenly days when the giggles echo through our home, the days the hugs and snuggles fill my heart to its deepest depths, on those perfect days I am sad because it’s their bedtime and I wish I could wrap in the moment and stop time to stretch the day a little longer. On those magical days when at the end I smile at my husband and we literally hi-five at this wonderful life we have made for ourselves, then we snuggle up on the couch for the last hour of the evening reeling from the delight that was a day in the joy of parenting and we think, “how grateful we are to have such a beautiful life.” Then there are the days we are late for church because we had to change an explosive diaper just as we headed out the door, days when dressing them is akin to capturing an animal in the wild, days when a tantrum explodes because she no longer likes the ham on her lunch plate, even though she savored in its deliciousness just yesterday, the days when coffee is consumed by the gallon not the cup. Those days when their bedtime cannot come fast enough so we can have two words to each other as adults without interruption of a thousand questions about nothing. Those days when at the end we hi-five not because it’s one of those heavenly days, but we hi-five because we made it, everyone is safe and sound and we are ready to try again tomorrow. I don’t know about you but I am thankful for all the days, even though there are moments I feel like I fail, moments of awesomeness that make me feel like I should write parenting books, I am thankful for all of it, thankful to have these girls in my arms to read one more bedtime story, thankful for the perfect moments and the hard ones, thankful that every day for the rest of my life I will be known as their mom.

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