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A kind word can not solve every problem…


A kind word can not solve every problem but it can certainly change someone’s heart in the moment.

At lunch today if you see an overwhelmed server, offer a kind word of understanding.

If you’re shopping today and see a stressed out mom in line with screaming children offer her a kind word and a knowing smile.

If your husband comes home with the weight of the day on his shoulders give him a hug, tell him you appreciate the work he does for the family.

If you come home to your wife and the house is a wreck and she looks as if she is on her last moment of sanity, tell her she’s a good mom, tell her you don’t know how she does it all so well, and hug her tight.

We can’t fix the anxiety and stresses of the world but with a kind word of encouragement maybe you can remove it from someone’s heart for just a moment.

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