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You have to do your part.

I have prayed for God to heal my spine and other things more times than I can even count. I ask Him daily to keep me healthy so I can raise my girls into women.

Not a food writer and I am not the type to share my plate online, however this is my breakfast. Normally this would be Chick Fil-a chicken biscuit, tots, and WAY too much Chick-Fil-a sauce.

Recently I heard God say clearly in my heart, “Stacey you have to do your part.” Not just with food and healing my body, but with everything.

I want a strong relationship with Jesus then I need to do my part and be in His word everyday.

I want happy children, I need to do my part to love them well and discipline in grace. I need to put my phone down and BE with them, even if that’s simply sitting next to them being present while they watch TV, laughing and engaging the show with them.

I want a happy marriage, then I need to do the work to make sure my husband feels heard, respected, attractive, and loved.

If I want friendships to invest in me, then I need to first pour love into my friends.

If I want God to allow me to steward more for His kingdom I need to do well with the people and circumstances He has already placed in my path.

If I want the health and wellness,

relationships and the walk with the Lord that I ask Him for daily, then I need to do my part.

I am going to DO MY PART.

If your interested— Breakfast: Kashi 1 1/2 whole grain blueberry waffles, strawberry, banana, 2 tablespoons cashew butter, drizzle of local honey, and one tablespoon walnuts.

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