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United homes of america

Now is the time to be united.

Husbands and wives, now is the time to give a little extra grace.

Now is the time to pick up the slack.

To do more some days than your spouse.

Chores and child raising should not be the responsibility of one, but a team effort.

You are together more hours of the day than probably ever in your marriage.

It’s not easy to be with someone ALL OF THE TIME for weeks on end, unless you are a united and supportive team.

It would be easy to start seeing annoyances, it would be easy to tally up who does what.

That has to be let go at this time.

You need to be united against the chaos the enemy wants to seep into your home during this time.

Some days she’ll do more

and wives you have to be graceful and roll up your sleeves and get things done.

Husbands some days you’ll need to do more, you need to be willing and roll up your sleeves and get things done, even if those things have never before fell upon your shoulders.

Listen to each other, look for cues of overwhelm and ask questions of one another.

Check in with one another’s mental state.

Because these days are good and bad, but even on the good days THIS SITUATION IS STILL HARD.

Listen to each other and respond with,

“Yes” and “How can I help”

And when your spouse tells you what is needed get up and do it right then.

This is not the time for “I’m too busy” “Or can I help you later.”

Emotions are high, patience is stretched, fear is on every screen our eyes glance upon.

Now is the time to step up and say, “YES” to each other when help is needed.

She may need ten minutes on the porch swing to herself. Husbands grab those kids for a bike ride.

He may say he needs to go mow the lawn even though the grass isn’t that tall. Wives turn on a movie with the kids and let him get a break outside, because that is what he is actually asking for.

She may say, “Honey I’m about to lose my mind, can we put the kids in the truck and just drive?”

Husbands stop what you’re doing, slip on your house shoes, load those kids up, roll down the window, turn up the worship music, hold her hand across the seat, and just drive.

Pray together every day.

Pray out loud with your kids.

Pray around the table during meals.

Pray holding hands on your knees before bed.

Tell God you need Him to help keep your home be united not divided.

Some days we are just surviving.

Some days we are thriving.

Sometimes all you need to make a difference between the two is to be a united front.

Thankful for my united front, without Mr. Faithfully Failing’s support and willingness to continue to say “Yes” and “How can I help” I wouldn’t be able to do this without his love and support.

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