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Tugging at the rope

When I became a Christian the concept of surrendering my life was so foreign to me.

I have always had this preconception that I lead my life, I direct my path, I do things MY way.

The idea to hand that control over seemed almost ludicrous to me.

I have heard many believers say,

“It feels so freeing to surrender my life.”

Let me tell you I had a hard time finding that freedom feeling.

I have had a hard time letting go and letting Him.

I felt like I was in this constant game of tug-o-war with God.

I was constantly pulling harder and harder to win,

to have full control of the rope.

It seemed to be a game I could not forfeit.

Sometimes I’d loosen my grip and start to let that rope go,

but before my hands freed my flesh, my pride, and my selfishness caused me to grip that rope tighter and pull with all my might.

Do you know what happened?

I fell backwards down on the ground flat on my butt because God isn’t there griping and tugging as tight as me.

He is not there for a challenge.

He is there hoping that rope will lead me to Him.

When I blunder the victory God isn’t on the other side laughing,

instead He is standing there with His hand out waiting to pull me up to my feet.

Extending the rope again to see if I will allow Him to use it to pull me towards Him.

He wants nothing from me, He only wants something for me, if I would just let go of that rope first.

Matthew 16:24-27

*Photo free license use from Unsplash

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