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Surrender your popularity and embrace your purpose

This week’s sermon at church was so timely to this moment in my life. Don’t you love how you show up sometimes and you feel like the message was created exactly for you?

We discussed purpose over popularity, we discussed that sometimes you have to walk away from what’s popular and embrace faith to accomplish God’s purpose.

This is a hard one right? We all want to be liked, no one wants to stand out in the crowd as the odd ball. Every person has an innate need to belong somewhere.

I often have big plans in my heart on how I want to serve God. I feel my wheels turning in excitement, I become driven to share and see my plans take root in others. I think THIS IS IT, this is how I am going to serve Him, then someone discredits my plans, someone doesn’t agree with me, or someone may even think my plans are absurd. I easily feel crushed, I feel discouraged, and I feel like maybe this is not how I am supposed to serve God—because if it was surly everyone would be as excited as I am. Everyone would support me, right?

Sometimes we have BIG plans in the sight of man but God is calling us in a different direction. Sometimes the plans He has for us will not be the popular vote, sometimes the plans He has will require you step up with nothing but faith and God will be the only support you have.

I have this strong conviction that if God is directing your path then the unpopular vote from man will not place long term displeasure your heart. If the pull is from the Lord you will have peace in your heart regardless of the popular opinions surrounding you.

Listen to the whispers in your heart, if you feel you are serving Him in HIS PURPOSE do not worry about the popular opinion of others.

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