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What would you give up to follow Jesus?

Would you give up everything?

Would you give up your comfy home?

Would you give up television, entertainment, vacations, and conveniences?

Would you give up that expensive handbag you are longing for?

Would you give up that nice car you drive?

Hard questions, I know.

The thing is, it shouldn’t be so hard. Everything above is of this world.

Nothing of this world can fill you up.

Your big house, it will make you happy until a friend buys a bigger one then suddenly yours will no longer satisfy.

That picture perfect vacation. Yes it’s fun and relaxing, but the troubles of the world always await your return.

Those fancy clothes, that expensive purse, the luxury car…

None will ever fully satisfy, you will always look ahead to bigger, better, more.

Everything of this world is only temporary

so temporary satisfaction is all you will gain.

But when you surrender…

you find lasting contentment.

When you surrender, walking away from the world doesn’t hold the same weight.

When I really understood the world could not fill me but Christ could…

I surrendered.

I surrendered my finances and became debt free.

I surrendered my marriage and I have a rock solid relationship of mutual love and respect.

I surrendered the desires of this world and I found contentment in the things around me and found I no longer desired much.

I surrendered my children and found patience and gentleness I didn’t have before.

I surrendered and found walking away from the world doesn’t feel so hard after all.

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