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Sometimes you just need to let them be broken.

I held my daughter tonight as she cried huge gasping tears. She’s six and she’s learning the world of friendships and relationships and it’s so dang hard!

A friend today decided to tell my daughter that she was inviting the whole class to her party except for my daughter.

My daughter paid back that hurt with hurt.

Her flesh took over and she reflected back what was given to her.

She doesn’t understand how to process the brokenness that comes with rejection.

It’s hard, it’s hard as a mama to make her understand.

I told her, “Mama understands, I am often left out too.”

I told her it was just this week I sobbed in the car after the painful experience of feeling like I’m always on the outside looking in.

I explained to her we never repay hurt with hurt. That we are kind regardless of how we are treated and that our kindness will overflow and begin to fill up others.

I wish I could tell you she understood, I wish I could tell you she felt my compassion in my own experience but she didn’t.

She wailed and sobbed and I held her and told her I loved her. I just sat quiet and held her until she got out all the brokenness she had been holding in today.

Tomorrow when her heart is starting to heal and the brokenness is less heavy I’ll try again to show her the way.

Mamas sometimes there are lessons to be taught, but sometimes you just need to let them be broken, you need to hold them and just let them process their way through the hurt.

Sometimes we wonder why God isn’t showing us the way, we wonder why we are still sitting in the hurt, maybe sometimes He needs us to feel the pain, He needs us to process our brokenness so our hearts are ready for Him to show us the way.

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