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Only one label for motherhood matters.

My daughter and I cruised the baby/kids clearance section of Target this weekend.

As we carefully looked through each section, ensuring we missed nothing, we walked aisle to aisle trailing two young women, friends or sisters maybe. One pregnant with her registry scanner in hand and the other along for fun.

As we stalled near them I over heard their conversations, listening was sweet and reminiscent to when I walked those same aisles years ago carefully looking at everything trying to decide what my baby needed.

I heard the mom-to-be contemplate choices and her friend would weigh in on the options. I heard her friend ask, “Well what kind of mother do you plan to be?”

My daughter called me over to look at something she found and I missed the answer, but I thought a lot about her question on the drive home. What kind of mother did I want to be years ago when I walked those aisles with a registry scanner in hand, and am I her?

Truth is I am many kinds of mother, depending on the season of parenting or sometimes even the day of the week, I can wear so many shades of motherhood, but what I try to be EVERY SINGLE DAY is a mother who shows her children the love of Jesus. I think if I succeed in that all other labels I choose to describe my “motherhood style” really doesn’t matter.

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