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Marry a man who will stand in the rain so you don't have to.

I grew more frustrated the harder the rain fell. I didn’t have a coat and the umbrellas were at home and not with me in the car. I was going to get soaked, the kids were going to get soaked. As I drove further into the neighborhood I dreaded getting home because I just didn’t want to deal with the wet mess after the long day I already had.

As I rounded the corner onto our street there he was, in his rain gear and umbrella in each hand. I smiled bigger than I had in days and I stopped to take his photo before pulling in so I can put in my girls scrapbook. I want this photo to remind them what love looks like, what they need to look for in a partner when they grow up.

Flowers are nice, but anyone can give me flowers. Flowers do not truly show me love. Fancy dinners are nice and he’s taken me to many, but so did others before him, that doesn’t really show me love. Jewelry is pretty and it shines bright, but buying me silver and gold doesn’t reall show me love.

But a man who waits for me in the rain to ensure I stay dry. A man who does the dishes every night after dinner because he knows the work I put in to make a meal, a man who buys me things like a porch swing just because I said I daydream of us sitting on one together hand in hand watching our kids play...

That shows me love.

Thankful to have a man always willing to stand in the rain for me to ensure I don’t have to.

This piece has been featured on Her View from Home.

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