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It felt like everything melted away

This is my favorite photo of my husband.

I’m guessing you’re scratching your head on why.

I know it looks like a random photo of the side of a man getting something out of his truck, but to me this one photo holds and entire day of memories.

This photo was taken roughly this time last year. Our family of four, typically always on the go, had been in our home for a couple months. Everything was closed except markets, which you had to stand in distanced and roped lanes for longer than it took to by groceries to just get in. We hadn’t gone anywhere in a long time. On this day we were all challenged with the situation. The kids had played outside, they’d watched television, we’d played family board games, it was only early afternoon and we were all frayed not knowing what to do next.

My oldest said, “I just want to go somewhere.” I sighed and said, “Me too, but there is nowhere to go.” I looked wearily at my husband. He hopped up and said, “Yes there is, let’s go.” We didn’t even put on shoes, we all piled in the truck and left. We turned up worship music, sang to the Lord, and drove out to no where. We winded through the rolling hills of the south with no destination and it was wonderful. Eventually the girls fell asleep and my husband and I turned the radio off and drove in silence, holding hands over the middle console, and stealing the occasional glance at one another while we rounded the hills and valleys on back country roads.

It felt like everything melted away. When we arrived home I felt new, the girls felt calm and refreshed, and the rest of the afternoon and night were without any challenges.

I snapped this photo of my husband as he was getting our littlest out of her car seat. I am not sure why. He even turned after I snapped and said, “Why’d you just take my picture while I’m in my house shoes?”

I’m not sure why I felt compelled to take his picture, maybe God led me to, so every time I see it, as I scroll my phone, I remember that day, I remember how we turned a bad day into one of my favorite memories.

Maybe God knew I needed to remember the bad days don’t have to consume you, maybe so I remember that sometimes all you can do is hand your day over to God with worship to Him, a long drive in His creation, and remember He makes all things new.

Orignally written for Facebook June 2, 2021

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Terry Nowak
07 oct 2021

Thank you for sharing your wonderful memory!!!!

Me gusta
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