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In the darkness…


When we were newlyweds my husband lost his job. We nearly lost our marriage in those first months under the stress. God led him to another job where he is still today—more than a decade later. This company has been beyond a blessing to us. Never in those hard months of darkness would we have imagined that my husband losing his job would guide us to a greater path.

When we were in the darkness it felt never ending but God did turn on the lights—in His time.

When I was 28 I found out I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome along with a host of hormonal disorders. We were told—because of me—we may not be able to have children. In the darkness God worked through me in ways I never expected and gave us two children.

During the years of waiting and struggling in the darkness I thought the suffering would never end, but it did, God turned on the light—in His time.

We found out at twenty weeks our daughter would be born cleft. We were told her lip and palate were both going to be effected. It was a grieving process knowing what she would face. For the rest of my pregnancy I thought I’d never see the light again. God showed us her special strength from her first breath. She is a light and a fighter. He healed her not once but twice.

When I thought we would have a cloud of darkness hanging over us for a long time to come, God showed me the light was already on—if I would just open my eyes to see it.

If you continue to walk in darkness stumbling around desperate for the light switch that you can never feel your way to…

If you desperately want to illuminate your path to leap into the light but God is saying wait…

He maybe preparing your heart so when you open your eyes you see He has already turned on the light.

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