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None of them have changed His mind

Christ came to earth for one reason, to give His life for ours.

Christ went to the cross and took on ALL of humanity’s despair, all our wrong doings, all our lies, all our SINS, so that one day if we choose to accept His death as our gift of God’s grace, we can be in heaven when this life ends.

In one moment God’s infallible grace collided with man’s corruption in a moment that would FOREVER change our lives—should we accept it.

Christ showed us the costs of our actions…death.

Christ who was complete in perfection gave us His perfect record.

Every imperfection we carry was lift and placed upon Him.

In one moment that lie you told in third grade was taken upon Him.

In one moment that thing you stole from your mom’s purse when you were eleven was taken upon Him.

In one moment that person you cursed at in traffic was taken upon Him.

In one moment the impure thoughts that sometimes creep into your mind were taken upon Him.

In one moment that dishonest thing you did to get ahead in your career was taken upon Him.

IN ONE MOMENT every malicious, hurtful, deceitful, impure act you have done, or will ever do…WAS TAKEN UPON HIM.

I don’t know about you but I am now in tears thinking about all the pain we inflicted on Christ, someone who did not deserve it.

He took on our guilty sentence so we could be free.

If this were me, if it were you… would you stand up and say I’m guilty and take a death sentence for a stranger, a stranger who deserved it because they were in fact GUILTY?

Would you give up your family, your comforts, your freedom, your life for someone else who didn’t deserve freedom?

No you wouldn’t and I know neither would I.

In His perfection—our imperfection was washed clean.

In His perfection God’s holiness was honored and we were forgiven.

Friend, you are forgiven.

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