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Fall study in Philippians conclusion

My husband can always tell when I am frustrated.

I wear it on my face uncontrollably.

I don’t know if it’s my mannerisms, or maybe I have a look in my eye, but he always knows because he will ask, “Why are you frustrated?”

If the kids are driving me nuts, if something did not turn out the way I expected, if I am tired, or overwhelmed, I wear my emotions outwardly. It is easy to tell when I am rejoicing and it is certainly easy to tell when

I am not.

As I read the last chapter of Philippians I concentrated on the joy in Paul’s words. He is sitting in prison awaiting a sentence that could end his life, but he writes with JOY.

He tells others to be joyful, to rejoice in the Lord.

He tells his readers to be gentle and not anxious.

I know if I were sitting in prison, awaiting a decision that meant my life or death, I would be full of anxiousness, gentle would not be the manner in which I waited out my fate.

But Paul…

he did not allow his present circumstance to reflect his attitude toward others or towards God.

I certainly bet the guards in the prison did not look at his face and say, “Hey you look frustrated.”

I can imagine the guards who held Paul looked upon him in confusion. They looked upon his calm demeanor and joyful expression and wondered, “What does this guy know that I don’t?”

What he knew was that his belief in Jesus trumped all earthly circumstances.

This is an important lesson.

Your joy, your reactions, your treatment of others does not have to be reflective of your current life circumstances.

You do not have to wear your frustrations on your face.

Your hardships do not have to be reflective to the world.

You should wear the joy of the Lord.

Your security in his kingdom should shine brighter through your eyes than the frustration of your flesh.

You didn’t get the promotion…

Still rejoice because that does not matter in eternity.

You were not invited to the party…

Still rejoice because that does not matter in eternity.

You didn’t get the new car you hoped for…

Still rejoice because that does not matter in eternity.

You didn’t get the dishes done, the laundry put away, the floors mopped…

Still rejoice because that does not matter in eternity.

The diagnosis came, the relationship ended, the failure occurred…

as hard as it is

Paul is telling us to REJOICE

Because if you believe in the Lord Jesus your earthly circumstances do not matter in eternity.

Philippians reminds me of Brandt Jean, the brother of murder victim Botham Jean.

Brandt is suffering unimaginable pain with the loss of his brother,

yet he chose to rejoice in the Lord.

He chose not to shout words of hurt, hate, and flesh at his brother’s killer but he offered her gentleness, compassion, forgiveness, and love.

He chose not to allow his worldly circumstances change his confidence in Jesus.

Brandt chose to rejoice in the Lord, he chose to be the believer Paul wants us all to be in Philippians.

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