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Don’t miss the little moments…

Last night my husband walked in the house (I was barefoot in my pajamas) and he said, “Will you come outside with me?”

In a split second I wanted to say, “no, I am too tired to put on shoes,” in a split second my mind trickled to selfishness of not wanting to get up after I had settled.

The look on his face was pure joy so in a split second I made my decision—I got up with a smile, slipped on some shoes and headed to the driveway.

I got up when I didn’t want to because I love him, I got up because I could tell it was important to him. I took action because I wanted to show him love.

He said, “look up over the house.”

I looked up and saw the clearest, most incredible star filled sky. The crescent moon was spectacularly bright and pure white. It was truly one of the most breathtaking night skies I had ever witnessed.

I looked over at my husband and his head was lifted and his face was in awe.

We stood there a moment just taking it in, I grabbed his hand to hold and we just looked up in amazement at God’s beauty.

After a few minutes we walked back in the house to resume our night.


If we view love as a feeling it is as fleeting as any other emotion we experience, but if we look at love as something we do and the feelings we experience a result of that action, we create a different perspective of love.

Love in action is getting up off the couch and putting on shoes late at night to hold your husband’s hand in the driveway.

Love is showing with your actions that you choose to bring joy to someone else.

Love is when we sacrificially act instead of selfishly stay idle.

Love is an action that says with-out words, “I put you first.”

Love is a practice of the heart.

I think of the beautiful moment with my husband I would have missed if I had chose not to love in action.

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